Thoughts on… Movie Trailers

I don’t watch movie trailers anymore.

It’s the best.

Let me explain.

Thanks to a series of videos on the YouTube channel, Pretty Much It, I have now been convinced that movie trailers can actually RUIN the experience of watching a film. In his series of Post-Movie Trailer Reactions, Eric Striffler reacts to the trailers for a movie. The best part is, he avoids seeing any marketing material before seeing the movie. He watches the movie first and then sees the trailer after that. It’s a really smart premise, and entertaining to see just how much a trailer can ruin a film.

There was one specific video that convinced me to give up trailers, and it was on the movie Get Out. I had only seen the first trailer for the film and still had a really fun time with the movie. (You can read my review of the film on this site!) But then I watched his reaction to the trailer. It’s a really good video and you can watch it here:

Basically, after watching the trailer, Eric was caught off guard by how much the trailer spoils. If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil anything here, but the trailer gives away a lot of plot points, twists, and memorable moments of the film. It’s actually really disappointing. Hearing Erick talk about he’s experience while watching the film was bitter sweet. I was glad that he enjoyed the film as much as he did, but I was also jealous that he had a better experience than me. I was watching the film knowing pretty much exactly how the movie was going to play out. The biggest problem to me was that I was never scared during the movie, because I knew exactly how certain events were going to play out. But Eric didn’t, because he never saw any trailers. Eric had a fun and horrifying time with Get Out and was absolutely shocked by the terrible quality of the trailer. After seeing that video, I have now decided to follow Eric’s motto:

“If you’re like me, you don’t watch trailers before you see a movie… because they spoil the movie!”

So that was back in February.

Now, I am FINALLY going to the theater to watch movies that I have not seen the trailers for. It took a while, because the only movies coming out these past months have been movies that I have already seen the trailer for. But I have now reached this time where I am sitting down to see a movie and have NO IDEA where the movie is going. I know the general plot and that’s it.

And it is AMAZING.

Seeing those opening credits roll by, and not knowing what you are going to see is so exciting! Every moment in the movie is fresh and rewarding! It is totally worth the pain of not seeing anything about the film, while everybody around you has seen it.

My most recent experience in this new, NO-TRAILERS life was with the film Baby Driver.


I sat down knowing this:

It’s a new Edgar Wright film.

It’s kind of about a get-away driver.

Music is somehow involved.


When I say that I thought music was involved, I thought the movie just had a great sound track that played an important factor for the movie, similar to Guardians of the Galaxy. I had no idea that the music was actually that vital to the film. Seeing the sound effects and music beats match perfectly with what was happening on the screen took my breath away.

I was shocked in the best way possible.

Seeing a movie without the thought of “That’s from the trailer!” is so satisfying! I’m looking forward to seeing a ton of films this year without any knowledge of what is going to happen. Thank you Eric Striffler for showing me just how great it is to watch a movie without seeing a single trailer!


Also, for those who may be wondering, this is my theater experience is now:

  1. Buy snacks
  2. Find a seat
  3. Watch the ads
  4. Pull out my headphones
  5. Play loud music
  6. While the trailers are playing, I stare at my popcorn
  7. When the trailers are done, I put away my headphones and turn off my phone
  8. If I forgot my headphones, I just stare at the popcorn and try not to listen

It’s an awkward experience, but if you ever see me at the movies looking straight at my popcorn, that’s why!


What do you think about movie trailers? Let me know down below!

Go check out Pretty Much It on YouTube here!

There’s some really great content over there!

Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂


**My review of Dunkirk will be out soon**




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