“Baby Driver” REVIEW

**No spoilers for Baby Driver**


I was beyond excited when I sat down to watch Baby Driver. Not only am I a fan of Edgar Wright’s previous works, especially Shaun of the Dead, but I was also in the need for a fresh and fun summer blockbuster. By the end of the film, I had this sense of wanting more. It’s not like there was anything missing from the movie, I just wanted to keep watching more. There would be no complaints from me if this movie was three hours longer.

There’s just something so original about this movie. The film has so much character and personality, and it’s all because of the music, the story, and the editing. It’s been stated many times on the internet, but the music is what makes this film so special. It’s full of wonderful tracks from various genres and will make you want to go out and listen to the whole sound track after the film. The use of music adds more depth to the main character Baby (yes, B-A-B-Y, Baby), who is played remarkably well by Ansel Elgort. The need to listen to music isn’t used as a gimmick to make Baby an interesting character, but instead is given a proper reason to exist in the film. The character could have been pretty generic, but Ansel brought a lot of energy to the role to make it a memorable performance.

The movie stays true to its roots as a heist movie, delivering a fast-paced story full of exciting action and romance. The opening sequence is an incredible thrill-ride, and the movie never lets off the gas. The love story between Baby and Debora, played by Lily James, might have developed a bit too fast, but it’s full of charisma. By the end, you really do care about these characters and want the best for them. I also really appreciate when a movie romance doesn’t recite the generic love-story plot points of an average film. In fact, none of this movie feels generic. There are twist and turns throughout the whole film, which works nicely with the fast pace established at the beginning.

What really surprised me about the movie was how incorporated the music was with the action sequences. Normally, there would be a recognizable song playing in the background that matches the mood of the sequence. But in this movie, the action sequence is actually directed and editing with the song in mind. Each gun shot, gear shift, and character movement matches the beats of the song. This not only occurs in the action sequences, but also during most of the film. Even the more mundane parts are so entertaining to watch because of the way this movie is shot and edited together. This movie really is the perfect music video.

Honestly, my biggest gripe with the movie is the fact that Jon Bernthal is hardly in the film. I think Jon Bernthal is really, REALLY talented, and I was excited to see him in this movie. Unfortunately, he is only in the opening sequence, which is too bad.

This was the most fun I have had in the theater in a long time! If you go out and see this movie, be careful when you leave the cinema. I’m sure that everyone that saw the film will be acting like professional stunt drivers! This year is halfway over, and as of right now, Baby Driver is my favorite film of 2017. I can’t wait to see what is next for Edgar Wright! I’m going to give Baby Driver a FANTASTIC out of 10.

What did you think of Baby Driver?

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Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂


**My next review will be on Spider-Man: Homecoming!!!**




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