“47 Meters Down” REVIEW

**No spoilers for 47 Meters Down**


Before I dive into this review, there are a few things you should know about me. I have a serious fear of large bodies of water, being trapped underwater, and all marine life. Yes, ALL marine life. Especially sharks. Apart from pools, I do my best to avoid the water. This fear also carries over to the big screen. When characters go underwater, I genuinely have trouble breathing. I also get really scared when watching any movies about the ocean. Shark movies like Jaws, and more recently The Shallows, get my heart racing. It is a serious struggle to get through the whole movie without losing it at some point! Even movies with large underwater sequences, like The Abyss, can be very intense for me. However, I REALLY like getting scared during a film. I’m obsessed with scary movies, and I’m always excited when a new shark film comes out.

When I heard about 47 Meters Down, I was incredibly excited. A shark movie where two divers are trapped at the bottom of the ocean sounds like the perfect horror experience for me. I knew that no matter what the quality of the film was, I was going to be scared no matter what.

And that’s exactly what happened.

This is a bad movie, but one that really scared me. The only positives that this film provided for me was some memorable moments of true terror. As soon as those two idiots entered the shark tank, my heart was racing and would not stop. I constantly had to remind myself that this was all fake and that I needed to just breathe. I was a mess of stress and anxiety throughout this film, but that didn’t distract me from realizing this was a bad movie.

The very first scene of this film establishes so seriously forced backstory for Mandy Moore’s character. Obvious expositional lines of dialogue really pull me out of a movie, so the fact that it was the FIRST scene was a bad start for the film. AND THEN THE NEXT SCENE reveals that everything that was said in the first scene was a lie and that THIS is the ACTUAL backstory for the characters and the true purpose for their trip to Mexico.

Not only is the “reveal” really annoying, but it’s also delivered by some of the most Hallmark-y acting I have seen this year. The acting was so bland, and these two characters do little-of-anything to convince us to care about them. The movie just takes the first 15 minutes to try to make us like these two, but the whole time your just thinking of how stupid they are for going in that dumb shark tank.

The movie is just full of bad shark effects (that still managed to scare me) and uninteresting conflicts. The pacing between these scenes drag out, and the whole time I just wanted to see how this movie would end.

If I’m being honest though, there are some good ideas in 47 Meters Down. Some moments are actually really clever and terrifying. Unfortunately, these genius sequences are full of dull characters and poor execution. Under the right direction, I could see this movie becoming one of the better survival movies.

The ending suffers from trying to be too “creative”. You see every twist coming a mile away because the clues are shoved down your throat through expositional lines of dialogue. It ends on a bland note, and should’ve just ended with a simpler ending.

If you’re like me, you may have some fun being on edge the whole time. But if you’re not a coward, you won’t have any fun during this movie. A unique concept and a few interesting scenes of suspense are all that this movie offers. Stick to Jaws if you’re looking for a good shark movie! I’m going to give 47 Meters Down a BAD out of 10.

What did you think of 47 Meters Down?

Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂


**My next review will be on Baby Driver**


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