WHAT TO WATCH: “Train to Busan”


Train to Busan



A father and daughter find themselves trapped on train with several carts filled with zombies.


Why you should watch it:

– Sure it’s just another “zombie” movie, but what surprises me is how much heart this movie has.

– Full of stand-out characters that you find yourself quickly attached to as the film plays out.

– Given the confined space, the movie is shot really well. For most of the film, you have a pretty good awareness of where everyone is while on this zombie-filled train.

– It’s violent moments are very aggressive. It pulls no punches.

– Adds some new factors to the generic “zombie” that are explored and utilized throughout the movie.

– There are a few action sequences in the movie, and they are fun to watch and actually quite creative.

– Like I said before, there’s a lot of heart in this movie. I’ve seen the film twice and cried each time. I didn’t even realized how invested I was until tears where falling down my face!


Why you may not want to watch it:

– Some of the special effects are pretty bad. It can be a bit distracting.

– The way the outbreak starts on the train is a bit of a stretch. A serious case of “suspension of disbelief”.

– It is a South Korean film, which means subtitles. So if you don’t want to read, you probably won’t enjoy this film.



I decided to watch this film because I saw a random YouTube video about it and was curious about it when I heard about the plot. I didn’t know that this movie would end up being my favorite “zombie” film of all time! It’s full of wonderful characters, memorable moments, and zombies. Before this, the only time I’ve ever cared about people in a “zombie” story was in The Walking Dead. And that was after several seasons and hours of character development. This movie is only two hours long and it flies by as fast as a train full of zombies heading to Busan! I’m going to give Train to Busan a FANTASTIC out of 10.

You can watch Train to Busan on Netflix!

Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂


**My next review will be on Wonder Woman**


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