I’m going to keep this review short and simple, because I don’t have as much free time as I would like, but here are my thoughts on Life:

I went into to this movie with basically no knowledge of the film. I recently quit watching movie trailers, so when I sat down to watch this, all I knew was that it was probably going to be a more modern remake of Alien.

And that’s pretty much what this movie is. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not a great thing either. I did like the fact that this film was set in a “modern” time. It felt similar to The Martian, because the story is obviously fiction, but it feels like it could actually happen at some point. Granted, The Martian doesn’t have aliens in it, but you get what I’m saying.

I also thought the visuals in this movie were really well done. The creature design was neat, and there wasn’t a moment in the film that had any particularly bad visuals. The movie has this great “one-shot” opening scene that was fascinating to watch and the movie altogether was shot really well. The acting was consistently good throughout, which isn’t that surprising when you have Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead.

Some of the kills in this movie were appalling in the best way possible! There are some pretty horrific moments that made me squirm around in my chair. Those were easily the best parts of the film for me.

Unfortunately, this film suffers from an unoriginal story and uninteresting characters. As I said before, it’s basically just a retread of Alien. It’s not a good thing when the movies that you copy (Alien, Gravity) are far better than your own. The visuals and stakes in Gravity are so real, that you are immediately sucked in. The work and craftsmanship that is shown throughout Alien steals your attention and doesn’t let go. Besides the opening sequence, this movie lacks any creativity to grab your attention. The film also doesn’t provide any great characters to root for. People make stupid decisions and give you no reason to like them. The charisma and talent of both Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are the only reasons to actually like the characters. But looking back on it, I “liked” those characters BECAUSE they were played by two talented and likeable actors, not because of the characters themselves.

I did have fun with this movie. It was a nice creature-flick but one that fails in comparison to some of the great creature-flicks that have been out for several years now. Despite its flaws, I had a fun time, so I’m going to give Life a GOOD out of 10.

What did you think of Life?

Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂


**My next review will be on the new Ghost in the Shell movie!**



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