“The Lego Batman Movie” REVIEW

After the masterpiece that is The Lego Movie, I was pretty excited for the next installment in the Lego franchise. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t going to be a sequel to The Lego Movie, but seeing a Batman movie in the Lego universe is still pretty cool.

The premise is entertaining, with Batman struggling to accept the fact that he is a loner and needs other people in his life. It’s fun to see a Batman story that is more humorous and light-hearted than his past films (I’m looking at you, Batman v. Superman).

Visually, The Lego Batman Movie looks just as beautiful as the first film. Because I have seen it before, it wasn’t as special this time around, but it is still fun to see the entire movie built out of Lego.

The pacing of this film felt like a 5 year old child who just ate a giant bucket of candy. There are wild bursts of energy that move by so fast, that lead to moments to cool down and catch your breath, followed by more bursts of energy. When the movie gets going, it moves rather quickly, and there are probably several jokes that I missed. It feels like a rollercoaster that suddenly stops, and then speeds up again.

The wit and humor in this movie is basically the same stuff as The Lego Movie, so if you enjoyed that film then you will probably enjoy this one. The shining characters in this are easily Batman and Robin. They have the best lines in the film. I did find that as the film went on, Batman’s lines and jokes became more and more predictable. As a minor character in the first film, Batman’s comments and actions were more sporadic, and every moment was unique. Now we have an entire film dedicated to this character, so as the movie went on, some of the magic faded for me.

The story beats in The Lego Batman Movie started to feel a little repetitive for me. For example, the more dramatic moments in the third act occur over and over again amidst all the chaos going on. They were touching moments for sure, but by the third time, I was kind of over it. The movie itself was pretty predictable, however, what was surprising was how this movie really uses the “Lego” factor in The Lego Batman Movie. It was pretty clever.

Overall, this movie was a lot of fun. There’s nothing in here that BLEW me away, but it doesn’t make the film any less memorable. The movie was a consistently fun time, which is why I am going to give The Lego Batman Movie a GOOD out of 10.


What did you think of The Lego Batman Movie?

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Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂
**My next review will be on Logan**


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