**SPOILERS for Split and other M. Night movies below**



Before I get into the spoiler survey for Split, let me make one thing very clear. Unbreakable is my favorite “super-hero” movie. It is also one of my favorite movies, period. So, let’s just say I was a little excited during the ending of Split… just a little…


Q. Before the “twist”, what were your initial thoughts of the movie?

A. I really enjoyed the film up until that point. However, one of the things that bugged me was how far they went with the “beast”. Seeing him climb walls and his skin being able to break a knife was a little silly, and didn’t blend well with the rest of the film. Now that I know the twist, the “beast” actually makes sense now, so it’s no longer an issue for me that he can climb walls and have knife-proof skin.


Q. What are your thoughts on the “twist”?

A. I LOST MY MIND. I spent most of my life accepting the fact that I will never see a sequel to Unbreakable. So when that diner scene played, and that lady began to talk, all the pieces clicked for me. I realized that they were setting up a reveal shot of Bruce Willis, and I flipped out! Both mentally and physically. I was spinning in my chair, completely shocked that I had been watch a “sequel” to Unbreakable. I wasn’t just watching an M. Night thriller, but I was also watching a villain origin story and I had no idea! Without a doubt, that moment is one of the best moments I have had in the movie theater.


Q. What do you think is next for Split/Unbreakable?

A. Split is doing incredibly well at the box-office so I hope that a sequel to Unbreakable will be in the works. Kevin (James McAvoy) is still out there and I think the sequel will focus on David (Bruce Willis) getting help from Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) to go after Kevin and stop him. I also think Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) will somehow play a part in the sequel. Hopefully we get to see David’s wife and son as well because they played such a big role in the first film. I also hope to see what David has been up to for the past 15 years. Has he spent the whole time catching bad guys? Or has he retired and is coming back for one last fight? Either way, I’m excited to see what is next for the franchise and for M. Night!


What did you think of Split? Answer the questions down below!

Thanks for reading!


-Manny 🙂

**My next review will be on La La Land**


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