“The Flash: Season 1 and 2” REVIEW

**Heavy spoilers of The Flash: Season 1 and light spoilers for The Flash: Season 2**


Before I started watching The Flash, I tried getting into the “Arrowverse” by watching Arrow on Netflix. I never made it more than 5 episodes into a season, and I tried watching the show twice. For me, the show was never very interesting. It took itself WAY too seriously for the show it was trying to be. Arrow was another superhero installment that was “dark” and “gritty”, but the boring drama never really grabbed me. After my experiences with Arrow, it took a long time to start watching The Flash.

After hearing so many good things about the show, and seeing a couple episodes at a friend’s house, I decided to give the show a try over winter break.


The Flash is a quirky drama and can be pretty cliché at times, but it has fun with its story and characters. The show grabbed me from the very beginning and never let go. The start of season 1 was a little rough because it was very repetitive with its episode structure. The first 4 (?) episodes where basically The Flash learning a new power to beat a villain that kicked his butt earlier in the episode. However, as soon as Reverse Flash is introduced into the show, things change for the better. The drama heightens, and there are enough twists and turns that had me wanting to keep watching!

The drama in this show wouldn’t work if the characters were bland and handled poorly. Thankfully, The Flash has plenty of excellent characters. Barry Allen is a really great lead character for the show. He is likable and you really feel for him during his low points. His adoptive father Joe worried me early on in the show. I thought he was going to be an annoying character that never fully accepted Barry’s role as the hero putting himself in danger. But instead, the show does the opposite and spends a lot of time building up Joe’s relationship with Barry as his “father-figure”. Cisco and Caitlin work well as supporting characters and friends. Cisco is the more relatable character for me because he takes every opportunity to make movie/TV references. Harrison Wells was a wonderful part of the cast. As the villain, it was fun to see the compassion he has for Barry, but at the same time being so diabolical. Iris’ story in Season 1 was my least favorite part of the show. It never really had my attention, and I spent most of the time wondering when she would FINALLY figure out that Barry is The Flash. The most surprising character for me was Eddy. I thought that I was going to HATE Eddy because he was the third part of the love-triangle with Iris and Barry that you knew wasn’t going to last. Honestly, though, Eddy was one of my favorite characters in the show. He just was an all-around nice guy and really cared for everyone. You want Barry to get the girl, but at the same time… Eddy is so GREAT!

These characters all have moments to really shine and the relationships between these characters really add to the enjoyment of the overarching story. However, this show isn’t perfect.

The story arcs for the character’s themselves are very predictable and familiar. The science and technology that is used throughout the show is pretty cheesy and really convenient for the plot. The visuals in the show are not the best and at times can be pretty distracting. I was able to acknowledge the goofiness of the show and so the flaws didn’t really bother me as much as it might annoy others.

The show really delves into the ideas of time travel which is something that I LOVE in movies and TV. I like that the show isn’t afraid to really go into the more complicated ideas of time travel and deliver some really compelling moments for the show.

The season 1 finale was INCREDIBLE. There was never a dull moment and the show actually took some time to set up a lot of new stuff for the next season. Even though I was screaming at Barry to NOT go back in time to save his mother and ruin the timeline, it was a touching moment. I’ll admit it…I cried. Seeing The Flash fight Reverse Flash was very satisfying until The Flash was losing. When I heard that gunshot, I panicked. Eddy shoots himself to kill his great-great-great-great-great-great grandson and I was devastated. I had wondered before, when it was revealed that Eddy was related to Reverse Flash, if Eddy would sacrifice himself, and sadly he did. It sucked. The finale was a fantastic roller coaster of emotions!

Season 2 continued the goofy, fun drama that makes The Flash such a great show. Introducing Earth 2 into the show really adds to the trippy lore. It was a unique addition that has many memorable moments. The new characters work well with the rest of the cast. Patty was probably my personal favorite, although Earth 2 Harrison Wells was a cool and complex character. Zoom was a fun villain for Season 2. He was powerful and intimidating but was sadly not as captivating as Reverse Flash. Again, the overall story of Season 2 was awesome, mostly because of Earth 2. Every character was given more shining moments and a lot more depth to their backstories.

The finale for Season 2 was fine. It was a nice way to wrap up the story, although I’m not too happy with the last moments of the show. No spoilers here, but emotionally I hated the actions that took place during the last minutes of the finale. However, I know why certain people made certain decisions because the writers are setting up for an interesting story for Season 3, and I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Season 2 of The Flash maintains the charm of season 1 that made it so special. Season 1 was the best season, but Season 2 was still really good. I’m going to give The Flash: Season 1 a GREAT out of 10 and The Flash: Season 2 a GOOD out of 10.


What do you think of The Flash? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂


**My next review will be on A Monster Calls**


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