The new year is almost upon us! So I have made a list of 10 films that I cannot wait to see in 2017! Before we get to the list, I have a few honorable mentions that did not make the list, and they are:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Free Fire, Wonder Woman, and A Monster Calls

Okay, on with the list!


10. Baby Driver

Baby Driver is the next film directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). The premise of the film, a young getaway driver being forced to aid in a heist, fits so well with Edgar Wright’s style of humor and wit. The movie is stacked with a incredible cast (Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jamie Foxx, Jon Bernthal, and Kevin Spacey) and I am looking forward to seeing them in a movie directed by Edgar Wright.


9. Alien: Covenant 

I have really high hopes for Alien: Covenant. I’m a big fan of the Alien Franchise, with Alien and Aliens being some of my favorite films of all time. However, I also had high hopes for Prometheus which hurt me so bad. The trailer for Alien: Covenant had a few moments that reminded me too much of Prometheus but there was also plenty moments that reminded me of Alien. I hope the film can stay true to its roots and give us a terrifying, xenomorph-filled adventure!


8. Blade Runner 2049

There are a few reasons why this film earns a spot on the list. Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) is directing this film, a sequel that takes place 30 years after the first film. Ryan Gosling plays the lead role in this film, while Harrison Ford returns in a smaller role as Rick Deckard. The trailer of this film was BEAUTIFUL and it really feels like Blade Runner. From interviews I have read, it seems like the sequel wants to tell its own story, and not take away from the magic of the first film, which is very reassuring.


7. War for the Planet of the Apes 

I think the new installments of the “Planet of the Apes” films are very underappreciated. The first film was a solid start for the trilogy, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes blew me away. I was worried that the film wasn’t going to make enough money to fund the final film, but it looks like we will be getting the third movie after all. The movie looks fantastic and I’m curious to see if this film will actually connect with the original movie. Also, Woody Harrelson looks scary as the new villain of the franchise.


6. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I LOVED Kingsman: The Secret Service. It was such a refreshing spy film that was really funny. Hopefully the sequel can maintain the magic of the original film. Bringing back Colin Firth is an interesting choice and I wonder just how big of a role he will play in this movie.


5. Logan

I knew the day would come when Hugh Jackman stops playing Wolverine in the X-Men films, but it is still very sad. I grew up with this guy being one of the first “cool” superheroes in a movie, so it is going to be bittersweet to see this film. The trailer was so emotional and I hope this film will be the best “X-Men” film in the entire franchise. I’m glad that this movie is rated R (Thank you Deadpool) so that way they can tell the story they want to tell with no restrictions.


4. Split

Look. I am a HUGE fan of M. Night’s previous films. That being said, I’ll be the first to say that Lady in the Water and The Village have some serious issues, and The Last Airbender, The Happening, and After Earth are TERRIBLE FILMS. This guy has made some pretty awful movies, but even after seeing those piece-of-trash films, I had hope that one day he would be back to making films like Signs or The Sixth Sense. When I saw The Visit, I was ecstatic because I actually saw a GOOD M. Night film. However, Split looks like a true return to M. Night’s glory days and I am so excited to see this movie!


3. Bright

This movie is written by Max Landis, who wrote one of my favorite “superhero” films of all time, Chronicle. I think this guy is really talented, and under the right circumstances, can make some pretty amazing films. I have watched/listened to countless interviews, panels, and podcasts with Max Landis and this film sounds so cool. Imagine a modern world were The Lord of the Rings was not a story, but actually happened long ago. Everything that happened then is just history now, but it happened. Now, cut to present time were orcs and humans and elves are just a naturally part of life. That is this movie, but it is also a cop story with the cops being played by Will Smith and Joel Edgerton and the film is directed by David Ayer (Fury). This movie could be a silly mess, but I think it has potential to be a FANTASTIC film.


2. Spider-Man: Homecoming

I chose to put only one MCU movie on this list because there are THREE films coming out in 2017. So of course I picked the movie that stars my favorite superhero of all time: SPIDER-MAN. I can’t put into words how excited I am to see a film that has Spider-Man and Iron Man in the same universe, and one that is actually staying true to what makes Spider-Man such a phenomenal character! It’s a high school drama with Spider-Man as the main character, how can you NOT be excited!?


1. Star Wars: Episode VIII

As big of a fan as I am of Spider-Man, I’m an even BIGGER fan of Star Wars. I thought The Force Awakens was a great start to the new trilogy of films, but I think Episode VIII will be much better. I want to see how the events in the first film will effect Kylo Ren on a personal level, and just like everyone else, I want to know more about Rey and her past (Obi-Wan is her grandpa, I know it!) I think Episode VIII is going to really expand these characters and give us a new, interesting look at our beloved hero, Luke Skywalker.


These are the films that I am really looking forward to in 2017!

What films are you looking forward to in 2017? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!

-Manny 🙂

**Look out for my review of Passengers that will be coming out very soon!**


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