“John Wick” REVIEW

So what’s going on with John Wick? I mean seriously. How is this actually a good movie?

For those of you that don’t know what John Wick is about, let me sum the plot up in one simple sentence:

John’s wife and puppy die, so he kills everyone responsible.

That’s pretty much the movie, and somehow this film manages to NOT be some generic action film.

Granted, it’s not the most revolutionary action film.

The story is predictable and some of Keanu Reeves’ one-liners are pretty cheesy.

However, the movie is surprisingly emotional at times, and the action amplifies every emotion John Wick feels while he is shooting people in the face.

And he shoots several people in the face.

The action in this film is executed perfectly, showing just how ruthless John Wick can be. When watching John go on a rampage in the club, I felt exactly what he felt. But it wasn’t just from his facial expressions, but from his body language as he runs down the halls, killing anyone opposing him. The action sequences were not set up to show a super-choreographed fight scene like something you would see in The Matrix or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It is just one man seeking revenge, and he will not stop. Now, I’m not saying that the fight scenes aren’t elaborate in design, because they certainly are. I have a lot of respect for Keanu Reeves for all the work he put into this film to make sure every fight felt real.

One thing I really loved about John Wick is the fact that he is not invincible. If John Wick enters a fight and doesn’t have a scratch on him then the movie has no tension. However, if John Wick gets punched, and stabbed, and shot at, the movie acknowledges that John Wick IS a real person and not some untouchable super hero. If he was untouchable, then the action would be boring because we all know he is going to win every fight he is in no matter the odds. The fact that John can and DOES get hurt raises the stakes of every fight he is in and makes it WAAAAY more rewarding when John does win a fight.

A surprising factor to John Wick is the world that this movie takes the time to build. The movie establishes this code that is well respected in this elegant hotel, and it’s a unique factor to the movie that I’m looking forward to it being explored more in Chapter 2.

Overall, John Wick is more than a mindless-shooter film. It creates this unique world that allows for John Wick to go down his ruthless path of vengeance. When the movie isn’t reminiscing over John’s wife, the cute puppy, or the BEAUTIFUL car, it focuses on the fun and powerful action sequences. The quality of this film is remarkable and that’s why I’m giving John Wick a GREAT out of 10.

What do you think of John Wick? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading!

Manny 🙂

**My next review will be on Arrival, a serious contender for my movie of the year…spoiler…**


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