The Importance of Film

The Importance of Film

Hey Everybody!!

Welcome to my NEW blog-thingy all about my thoughts and opinions on movies! Have I worked on a film production? No. Have I written award-winning screenplays? Well…not exactly. Do I have experience in acting? Um, no. So why write about movies then? The simply answer is that I LOVE movies. I don’t have any plans on having a future in the film industry, but I just want to write as a film-loving audience member who turns their phone off before the film even starts.

My love for film started when I was a child. When I wasn’t playing on my Nintendo 64, I was watching VHS tapes in my room. Apart from watching the Disney classics as a kid, I also watched the Rocky films and Star Wars RELIGIOUSLY. As a kid, I enjoyed talking to people about movies and hearing about their opinions of a film. Growing up, I found out that people have those same geeky movie conversations online, and it turned my whole world upside down. There are people out there just like me who adore movies and love to just talk non-stop about a movie. People like Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann, and John Campea inspired me to go out and share my own opinions on movies. So I’ve been more vocal now about my passion for movies than I ever was before. Just ask my parents, they’ll tell you how I won’t shut up at the dinner table after seeing some awesome trailer for a movie that won’t come out for another year. (My parents a very supportive of this hobby of mine, but it’s true, I could talk about a movie for hours…).

But why do I love film? To keep it short and simple, I like the idea that movies can teach us a message about life or just simply be an escape from our chaotic lives. Movies are an entertaining form of story-telling that really isn’t that time consuming. However, not every movie is “entertaining” to some people, and the idea that everyone has their own opinion on a film is so interesting to me. A hundred people can watch a movie and each of them can walk away with an entirely different and unique opinion of the film. We may not agree with certain opinions but that’s the beauty of film. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and EVERYONE is right.

So what is this blog about then? Well, I want this blog to be a collection of reviews and my own personal thoughts I have regarding films. I’m not going to be doing heavy in-depth analyses on a movie, because I would have no idea what I’m talking about… I simply want to be one audience member sending his message to other audience members.

I ALSO have a podcast where I share some of my thoughts on films as well as videogames and The Walking Dead. The podcast is called Ediot’s Podcast and you can find it on iTunes or other 3rd-party podcast apps. Check it out if you want, and look out for my review of John Wick coming soon in preparation for John Wick: Chapter 2!

Thanks Guys!

Manny 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Film

  1. Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet
    Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted
    to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!


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